Booty Poppin

Barefoot Twerking-WMV

Barefoot, wearing only panties and swarovski foot jewelry, I flex my toes before bending over and showing off my big booty. I straddle the chair and twerk, clapping my booty and jiggling my thick thighs. I pop and twerk, making my ass bounce hard all over in time to the beat. My stretchy panties slide off, letting my ass clap even louder as I twerk. I roll them down, popping my hip out and spreading my hairy ass to show off my pierced, hairy pussy. With my panties on the floor, my ass jiggles harder, bouncing up and down while I twerk. My ass will perk you up and send your heart racing to keep pace with my twerking. Give in to the power of my booty, and rejoice in its fullness. Let it clap you to a throbbing finish, as I tease you with my wiggling toes and luscious curves. If you watch hard enough, you could almost imagine how good it would feel to have my ass clap on you WMV format You might also enjoy some of my TWERKING fetish clips: PHAT PAWG Ass For Your Face-MP4 Front Or Back JOI: Cameltoe And Thong Twerking-WMV Shiny Booty Shaking-WMV MILF Times Three-MP4 Chubby MILF Twerking In Micro-Thong -MP4 Booty Clapping In Leggings-WMV Buttplug Booty Shaking-MP4 Double Interracial Booty-MP4 Suspender Pantyhose Booty Shaking-WMV Like this video? Order a personalized custom video of your own today!